Benefits of Having a Female CFO

Benefits of Having a Female CFO- Julia Klevak, Joshua Livnat and Kate Suslava- working paper- A version of this paper can be found here- Want to read our summaries of academic finance papers? Check…


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BEM method gives your CSS code a solid structure that remains simple, easy to read and follow.

By reusing blocks in a smart way you can reduce the amount of CSS code you will have to code and look after. If you follow the rules of BEM you can have super effective CSS.
It’s all about practice and watching other experiences Frontend Developers projects

Block component that is meaningful on its own.

Examplesheader, container, menu, checkbox, input, photo

A part of a block that has no standalone meaning depends on a block in order to function. One goal of BEM is for most selectors to use just a single class name.

Something different between a block and an element. Use them to change appearance or behavior.

BEM Method

— the double dash indicates that the block is to the modifier
modifier of heading primary slightly created for this heading block

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