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Ex Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Launches Twitter Alternative Bluesky on Android Devices

Ex Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Launches Twitter Alternative Bluesky on Android Devices

Ex Twitter Co-founder and Ex-CEO Jack Dorsey has officially launched a social media app called Bluesky on Android devices which expect say is an alternative to Elon Musk Twitter.

Bluesky, created by Jack Dorsey, promises a future-thinking “social internet” that allows users more choices and freedom, according to its website.

Dorsey started working on Bluesky as a side project in 2019 with funding from Twitter, and it was first rolled out to iOS users in late February.


The current beta version of Bluesky looks like a smaller version of Twitter, many users says.

The emerging Twitter alternative received $13 million in funding when it split from Twitter and became its own independent company last year. Dorsey remains on Bluesky’s board.

Jack Dorsey

Bluesky is just one of several alternatives to Twitter that began popping up after Musk purchased the social media giant and began making changes to both the site and the company.

How To Access Bluesky Social on Android.

In order to access the Dorsey-backed project, users must get onto a waitlist for an invite code by submitting their email on the Bluesky website

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