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Reflecting back on Project One

Going back to the first day of class, when I ran through the course calendar on Bootcampspot, and the first thing I jumped for was Project/Finals dates. The first thing that popped in my head was “First project 4 weeks into the course, am I going to be ready for that”?!?! Flash forward to March 15, a day after Project 1 presentations, and I can say that the biggest takeaway was the importance of teamwork.

Before this project, I understood “teamwork” as a process in which individuals worked together to achieve a larger team goal, accomplished through each individual meeting smaller goals on their own, and reconnecting with the team to piece together individual accomplishments and achieving success. For reasons that I’d like to keep to myself, I had a strong sense of self-doubt when I first joined my group for project work, but by the time we got together as a group on Saturday, we instantly clicked and never looked back. Our group got together on Saturday morning to brainstorm and map out the overall concept of how we wanted our project to look, and how we were going to go about building it. It was a 6-hour long meeting that I believe is what made the project enjoyable for our team, and what sparked the great team chemistry and the loose-yet-efficient atmosphere within our group.

My main takeaways from our successful group were, in no particular order:

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better first-time coding project experience, because aside from learning a lot from every single one of my teammates, we were able to keep things loose and made the project as a whole enjoyable. Under the circumstances given, I am extremely proud of our project, and could not be more happy with the group I was paired into, along with the final product.

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