How to Improve Your Imagination

When I told my neighbor that I’m working on a novel, he expressed admiration in the “gift” of writing. He said he struggled with linking sentences together into something creative, and I told him…


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Can you smile with your eyes?

What is changing with C-19 and masked life.

This whole period will have an impact on the way we interact with others.

What the pandemic has changed in our relationship with others?

Lots of things of course. But let’s focus on a few ones.

The non-verbal takes on importance in two forms which seem particularly interesting:

The look. How to express feelings, reactions with the eyes. How the look, its intensity, its expression, will replace, under the mask, the facial expressions that we can usually do. The nuance is important.

The tone of voice will be able to express even more than before. The mouth is hidden, the tone becomes the preferred means of expression. A whole range of nuances will also be important. There are a thousand ways of saying “hi” and now the tone has surely a deeper meaning.

On a less physical human relationship, the weight of words will also take on another importance. The question “are you okay?” Or the statement, “I hope you are well,” carries more weight and shows more empathy and interest than it surely used to.

It also forces us to rethink our distance with others, the way we physically interact. Surely less useless contacts, like in a professional or social environment, each move is getting more significant.

Giving back some deepness in our behavior because of this huge constraint is another revealing effect of the period we are all going through. Together.

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